You need customers and they need you. It’s a match made in heaven but you gotta find each other first. The key is to get recommendations ideally but we all got to start somewhere.

Advertising in local newspapers is a good way to get your name out there. An ‘A’ board works well if you put it outside the job that you are currently working on as it will attract passers by who can often ask the person you did the work for to get a quick look at the quality of your work and this is always a good way to win the trust of a potential new customer without having to battle against other companies over price. Good work wins work.

When it comes time to scaling what you do then local radio and if you have the budget TV adverts are great. But if you are targeting a local audience then a radio advert is what you need. Use a professional voice over agency such as Matinee if you are in the UK to make sure that your advert doesn’t sound like you called in to the radio station on your phone and left a voice mail.

People do make a snap decision a lot of the time and the tonality of the presentation is often key to landing an enquiry, you use the wrong voice you won’t get the enquiry.

Ideally once the work is done and the client is happy you should think about offering a discount to them for the work that you have already carried out if they can refer other people to you. Give them a discount such as 10% or thereabouts¬† which seems to be the magic number. It’s a great 10% if they had a 10k job from you and I’m sure you’d never be out of work, sure you eat into your profit a little bit but it’s probably worth it for the work that will come your way from the referal.